Project Description


Located in the historic Broderick Tower building in Detroit, Grand Circus is a tech hub for entrepreneurs, students and anyone need a space to learn and interact.

Located in the center of Downtown Detroit at Grand Circus Park and Woodward, the 34-story Broderick Tower skyscraper is a significant historic structure with panoramic views in the heart of Detroit’s commercial and entertainment district – an the new home of Grand Circus Detroit, a technology, business, and design training institute.

Neumann/Smith was hired to design 14,500 sf of space for a working and learning environment to house tech training, events, and co-working space for up to 49 entrepreneurs.

Grand Circus Detroit’s three new floors includes one floor of “desk-for-a-month” type space for entrepreneurial start-ups to interact with their peers, and two floors of flexible learning environments that can expand and contract as needed.  Rework of lobbies and restrooms on all three floors was also completed.

Unique to the space are the exposed conditions intentionally left behind by the demolition and existing context.


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